Undergraduate Curricula

4-year Undergraduate Curriculum Structure

HKU's 4-year undergraduate curriculum structure provides flexibility for students to design their own combination of disciplinary Majors, Minors and electives under proper academic advising to pursue their own academic interests, and enables them to engage in diverse learning experiences, such as overseas exchange programme, internships, real-life projects, etc.

Common learning experiences, which are designed to develop students' generic and intellectual capabilities, and to cultivate the core moral values and dispositions essential to become engaged global citizens, are developed for all HKU undergraduates throughout their university studies.

Undergraduate Degree Regulations

The University's General Regulations and Regulations for First Degree Curricula are general provisions governing the administration of students' academic studies, with the latter underpinning all undergraduate degrees.

The Regulations and Syllabuses for each undergraduate degree curriculum can be viewed at http://www4.hku.hk/pubunit/drcd/index.php.

For University requirements for graduation*, please refer to Regulation UG5 of the Regulations for First Degree Curricula.

*Courses offered: